Quality Barber Shop Tools Sold by Barbersupplies & Co

Any barber shop owner will tell you that men take their appearance very seriously. You can only provide the best service if you have the best barber shop tools. Barbersupplies & Co carries a variety of choices in barber shop tools that will not only impress your customer but leave them feeling confident in their look.

Many men come to a barber shop looking for a way to relax by getting a good old-fashioned shave. The Old School Straight Razor with Wooden Handle is a must-have in barber shop tools to assist these types of clients. This product is handmade and stands out in quality while still providing an old-fashioned barbershop visual appearance.

Maintenance of your tools is vital to ensure that your customer receives a quality visit every time. Clippercide is a highly respected name in the industry of cleaning supplies for barber shops. The Clippercide Spray for Hair Clippers is a 5-in-1 formula that is quick and easy to use. This product disinfects, lubricates and cleans. Clippers tend to get hot during use, so this spray provides an instant burst of coolness to the blades. Rust is another common problem among clippers. The spray helps to fight against rust which helps your clippers last longer.

We know how important any grooming tool is to your barbershop. To learn more about our barber shop tools, please click over to our contact page and send us a message. Our customer service representatives will respond promptly and answer any questions or concerns.