Live Roulette online

Live Roulette is a streaming video of a croupier spinning a real Roulette wheel, dropping a real ball, calling the bets, and you gambling in real time, trying to beat the odds of 1:37 (1:38). It doesn’t matter if there are hundreds or thousands of kilometers between you – the Internet has made it all possible. Yes, the equipment is the same at any land-based casino, the croupiers are supposed to be as professional (as long as the online casino is licensed and trustworthy, of course).

Live dealer games make some players feel more at ease and less suspicious about the game outcomes, as people tend to trust what they see with their eyes more than some invisible computer algorithms. Plus, a chance to communicate with a croupier and with other gamblers at times makes the process more social and adds a real casino vibe to it.

However, Live dealer games are the most complicated and pricey to organize, that’s why there are not so many of them on the market. The ones that exist are usually not available for free demo play and always require registration. Live games are certainly more thrilling, but if you decide to participate, provide a better Internet connection and make sure your device can handle the live stream (when gambling on a smartphone).

So, playing Live Roulette, you’ll participate in the same game as if you were somewhere in Vegas or Monte Carlo.

You’ll see the famous spinning wheel with 37 numbers from 0 to 36 in European and French variations and 38 numbers with an additional pocket of double zero (00) in the American game. The most recent alteration to the game – triple zero – appeared in Las Vegas, introducing Sands Roulette with the worst winning odds among all the given variants. All the numbers from 1 to 36 located on the wheel are coloured either black or red, zeroes are coloured green. The odd numbers found between 1 and 10, 19 and 28 are red. The even numbers in these ranges are black. The odd numbers found between 11 and 18, 29 and 36 are black. The even numbers there are red.

The game rules are simple and elegant. Maybe that’s the beauty of Roulette that draws players to the table. A croupier spins the wheel in one direction and drops the ball on the track where it spins in the opposite direction. At some point, the ball loses its momentum and lands in one of the numbered pockets. Thus identifying the winning number.

The player who predicted the number correctly and placed the bet there wins at a payout rate ranging from 35/1 to 1/1.

Gamblers may place bets on a singular number or a combination of numbers. They put their chips on the Roulette layout – a table that contains all the numbers from the wheel together with 12 sections for ‘outside bets’.

So, all the Roulette bets are either ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ bets.

Inside bets include bets on a single number and combinations made up of two, three, four, and six numbers. Outside bets give players a chance to bet on all the red or black numbers, odd or even, on dozens and all the numbers found in one of three columns from the layout table. Outside bets, obviously, provide better odds, but their payout rate is lower than any inside bet.

Where to play online Live Roulette?

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You can enjoy one of the most vintage and electrifying games anytime, anywhere. Thanks to the Internet, computers, and smartphones.

Consider one of the following Australian online casinos.

  1. Bizzo casino. 11 live Roulette titles: External Roulette (by Lucky Streak,) American Bingo Roulette (by Atmosfera), AutoRoulette (by Lucky Streak,) European Bingo Roulette (by Atmosfera), Fashion Roulette (by Lucky Streak,)
  2. Ricky casino. 7 titles. Auto Roulette, Fashion Roulette, Oracle roulettes, and others.
  3. Spin Samurai. An impressive collection of live games (more than 250). All kinds of Roulettes: American, Arabic, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, European, etc.
  4. Lucky Dreams. 7 Roulette titles: Auto Roulette, European, Oracle, Lucky Roulette.
  5. Queenspins has a collection of popular Live titles too.
  6. Joe Fortune: 1 live Roulette game. Classic options: European and American.
  7. 7 Bit casino: a couple of Roulette titles, including games with announced bets.
  8. National casino: classic Roulettes and American Bingo games.
  9. Play Amo: European and American roulettes.
  10. Woo casino: 14 Roulette games: classics and new variations.

Remember that the main focus of Roulette, like any other game of chance, is having fun. Don’t look at these games as a way to make your living – such an approach will lead to disappointment at the very least and debts and problematic gambling behaviour in the worst-case scenario. Stay cool, play responsibly and have fun.

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